Reiki for People

I have an room set up in my home for the practice of Reiki. It contains a massage table, CD player for soothing music, pillows for comfort under your legs, blanket if needed. I explain what is going to happen and ask for your permission to perform Reiki. Your job is to just lay there and relax, let the stressors go. Unlike massage which for some people with things like MS, Fibromyaglia, can be way too invasive. Reiki is a much more gentle approach.

I can come to your home, hospital bed, office etc. if you don't have time or are unable to travel to  my home.

Reiki for Animals

Don't live near me, no problem I can do distance Reiki. If you live near me, you can come to my home, or if that's not possilbe I can certainly come to you.

Animal Communication

I offer animal communication. This serivce can be done one-on-one or from a distance. I will ask you to send a photo of your animal, it's name, and if you want any specific questions answered.

Do you have an animal that you're concerned about their health or behavior? Did you rescue them and are concerned about where they came from, their background, or how they were treated? Using animal communcation can give you some glimpses into their past. In fact it was through an animal communicator (Polly Klein) that Dutchess, my cockatoo's heart problem was found.